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Carpet Flooring

Carpet Flooring Installation

Go Floors Go is a flooring company located locally in Atlanta, GA. We are carpet flooring contractors that specialize in carpet sales and installation in atlanta. Few things are better at making a house a home than your carpeting. There's nothing like the soft feel under your feet when you walk through a room. But if your home has one or more staircases, hallways that curve and tight corners, hiring a professional carpet installer is a must!

Carpet Flooring in Atlanta and Surrounding Areas

Installing new carpet in your home can be a beautiful and lasting decision for any room in your house depending on how well you take care of the carpet. It is a much cheaper option than hardwood flooring or vinyl flooring and can be installed in less than half the time. There are many different types of carpet available to meet your needs: 

  • Plush - Smooth texture with a formal appearance.
  • Saxony- Smooth finish, but the fibers are longer and twisted to give each fiber more volume. It’s popular, but the long fibers mean footprints will leave an impression and furniture creates dents.
  • Textured Cut Pile- Has fibers of different lengths to give a rougher surface feel
  • Frieze Carpet- Has long fibers and does not fare well in high traffic areas. In its most extreme form, it’s commonly known as shag carpeting.
  • Cable- Has long, thick fibers and is comfortable to walk on.

Regardless of the type of carpet flooring you choose, we know that hiring a carpet installation contractor is an investment and we are very serious about that investment. Go Floors Go specializes in carpet sales and installation in atlanta with over a decade of flooring installation and repair experience. We are professional, reliable, and affordable. We are also licensed, bonded, and insured. 

If you have a carpet flooring project in the Atlanta area that you need assistance with, give Go Floors Go a call for a free estimate at +1 (678) 365-0319 or shoot us an email at info@gofloorsgo.com. We will work with you to make sure your flooring dreams comes to life!